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Pont aux perches et Quai de l’Arquebuse

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Emprunter le pont pour aller dans l’île du fort. Continuer en face, rue du Fort, au bout, descendre sur la berge. Longer le mur de la Maison du Baron L’étang et de l'hôtel Lévrier. Sur ce mur, un panneau donne des explications sur l'Ile du Fort et le peintre Gustave Ravanne

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Ile du Fort et Gustave Ravanne

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Pont-aux-Perches and Quai de l’Arquebuse
Dive into history in the heart of the town



From protective arches...

The Pont-aux-Perches bridge was built around 1150 during the reign of Count Galéran II to connect the fort island to French Vexin. It replaced an old wooden bridge further downstream. It was protected by two towers, which were demolished after the Revolution. Nine arches remain today but it originally comprised twelve stone arches and a wooden arch designed so that it could be removed to prevent anyone from crossing. Throughout its history the bridge has seen its arches destroyed and rebuilt. The bridge was destroyed again for the last time in June 1940 to cut off the German soldiers. Originally called the "Small Bridge", it was renamed "Pont aux Perches" in 1971, even though the name does not appears in any text...



... To the Battle of1590

Arquebuse quay is named after the former company of soldiers, the Arquebusiers, who were charged with protecting the town and its inhabitants. Set up in the mid-fifteenth century, the company won fame in the battle against the Duke of Mayenne in 1590. Henri IV pledged reinforcements. It is even said he nicknamed it "Compagnie des hiboux" (the owl company) after noting that the arquebusiers were as effective at night as they were in daytime. With fifty men, the company was housed in a beautiful estate along the Seine. The company was dissolved in 1790 by the National Constituent Assembly.





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