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Oratoire de Marines

Informations directionnelles

À l’oratoire 11 , tourner à droite, passer devant l’église Saint-Rémy et retrouver le parking.

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Marines Oratory
A building erected in the early seventeenth century to host a new order



From the Priory of St. Vincent de Senlis...

Around 1130, King Louis VI bestowed Marines church to the abbey of Saint-Vincent de Senlis to found a priory. In the early seventeenth century Nicolas Brûlart de Sillery, Lord of Marines, was granted permission from the Pope to establish an Oratory House, a new religious order founded by Cardinal Berulle. He agreed in return to erect a new building to house up to seven priests and three servants, which was completed around 1620. The Oratory hosted a renowned school of theology where Malebranche, the famous seventeenth century Oratory philosopher, stayed. Around 1670 the building was enlarged with the construction of a square pavilion. During the Revolution the property was closed and sold off as a national asset.



... To the Oratory

After the dissolution of the Order, the Oratory was kept by the municipality and used to house the first Marines gendarmes! There were even plans to build their stables in front of the church ... Then the Batardy family bought it and turned it into a school before selling it to the bishopric in 1924.





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