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Lavoir et abreuvoir de la Demi-Lune

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Demi-Lune Washhouse and drinking trough
Built during the expansion of the town of Marines in the nineteenth century



A little piece of lost heritage...

The first plan to build a washhouse in the neighbourhood of Demi-Lune (Half Moon) dates back to 1850. The washhouse at that time consisted of nothing more than a washing basin, but it was developed in 1852 on land donated by Mr. Gouy d’Arsy, owner of the château. There was also a pond-trough at the time, on the site of rue Saint-Remy, linking rue Vielle de Chars and rue Dauphine (now rue du General de Gaulle). But the local residents wanted it moved because it was unsanitary. They were even prepared to chip in together for this to be done!
The town bought up an additional portion of land next to the washhouse in 1860, but many years went by before the work was actually completed.



... with some visible remains

A second, paid washhouse with a covered dryer was built next to the first one in 1863. In 1878 the public washhouse was roofed over. These washhouses were especially intended for the residents of the new neighbourhood of Sainte-Barbe.
The large, covered Demi-Lune washhouse was demolished in the 1980s, even though it was still in very good condition. All that is left today are the remains of a basin at the back of the site and a monolithic stone trough next to the street.





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