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Lavoir des Hautiers

Informations directionnelles

Au bout de la rue, tourner à gauche. Au calvaire, prendre à gauche la rue des Vignes. Au carrefour, s’engager dans la sente à gauche. À la route, virer à droite, descendre et emprunter la rue à gauche. Après le gymnase, prendre à droite la coulée verte où passait l’ancienne voie ferrée

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La ligne Chars-Marines et sa halte

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Hautiers washhouse
The oldest of the Marines washhouses, built around Saint-Rémy spring



Fountains, washhouses...

In the nineteenth century there were many public washhouses in Marines. Norbert washhouse, in what is now Dubois-Danger square, was roofed over in 1877 and finally demolished in 1896 in favour of the new washhouse built in rue du Buisson Saint-Rémy.
Another washhouse, the so-called Demi-Lune, was built in 1852 in chemin de Goulet on land donated by Mr. Gouy d’Arsy, owner of the château. Finally, there was the Hautiers washhouse, which is probably the oldest. The last two were roofed over by the municipality in 1878 to make the laundry chore more bearable, especially in winter. The Hautiers washhouse was fed by Saint-Rémy spring, named after the patron of the parish.



…and ponds

Many springs and streams once fed the fountains, pools and washhouses of Hautiers and Marines. Some of the pools were used for retting hemp. But most of these water sources have now dried up.





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