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Ferme seigneuriale- Blamécourt

Informations directionnelles

Laisser la ferme sur votre droite pour vous diriger vers le cœur du hameau de Blamécourt. Faire 200 mètres et tourner à gauche dans la rue du moulin de bureau. Un peu plus bas, prendre à droite l’ancienne voie de chemin de fer. En continuant tout droit, vous arriverez d’ailleurs sur l’ancienne gare.

Prochain point :

Ancienne gare

Prochain point : lat="49.1591" lon="1.7949"

Blamécourt Seigneurial Farm
Agricultural architecture



A large, traditional farm...

The farm, located in the hamlet of Blamécourt, replaced an old sixteenth-century manor house (its three-storeyed hexagonal turret still remains). The architecture is typical of the large farms found in Vexin Français. The various buildings are on two levels and follow the slope of the land. They are arranged around a sizeable courtyard, with a series of staggered drinking troughs in the centre. The entrance is through a majestic, ornamental arched gate in cut stone consisting of two guard stones, pilasters and a protruding keystone bearing the date 1850. The ensemble is topped by a small roof resting on a moulded cornice. The house itself is very impressive: long and rectangular in form, its two wings are set at right angles. It is built from cut stone on three levels and boasts moulded bands, symmetrically-positioned windows and a four-pitched roof.



... that tackles modern issues

When the manor house was converted into an agricultural holding in the nineteenth century, a monumental barn was built together with a stable dotted with flight holes for pigeons. It forms a remarkably unified whole in terms of its apertures, volumes and colours. However, the buildings are no longer suitable due to changes in agricultural practices and outsized farm equipment, not to mention the end of livestock farming and the need for extra land. Furthermore, the farm’s location in the middle of the hamlet means that it cannot expand. Nevertheless, a barn has been modernised to store grain: the interior resembles a rural cathedral with its great height and transparent tiles that illuminate the mechanisms for distributing the grain.





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