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Le Bellay-en-Vexin

Les anciens commerces

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Traverser la rue et se diriger vers le n°7 de la Grande rue, à l’ancienne maréchalerie.

Prochain point : Ancienne maréchalerie

Prochain point : lat="49.15156" lon="1.88644"

The bustling heart of a village



Lots of different activities…

Before nearly everyone had a car, villages were home to a wide range of different shops and trades. In the 19th century, we can see evidence of this bustling economic life in the Grande Rue. Paint traces on walls, remnants of shop signs and population censuses since 1861 give an insight into the trades in the village at the time. The main ones were agricultural. You had day labourers, carters, a cartwright, two “calf dealers” and blacksmiths. The shops and craftspeople included a stone man, a roofer, a grocer, an innkeeper, a cobbler and five hosiers (selling bonnets, stockings and other knitted items).



…including shops that had everything

Cafés are part of the economic life of an area, but their main function is a place to meet and chat. The inn had gone in 1872, but two wine merchants opened their doors. The one on the Grande Rue wasn’t just a wine shop, but also a grocery and delicatessen – as well as producing postcards!

by Expression Nomade