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Lavoir de la Côte-Duché

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Continuer en remontant le chemin. Passer dans le bois. Prendre le 1er chemin à gauche qui mène au hameau des Bouttemonts. Au bout du chemin des chataigniers, prendre à gauche, route des bonnes joies, puis à droite, chemin des bouttemonts.

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Lavoir des Bouttemonts

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Côte Duché Wash House
An abundance of running water



A traditional wash house...

The architecture of this isolated wash house, which is fed by a spring, is typical of the wash houses erected in the mid-nineteenth century in Vexin Français. The sloping roof and tall millstone walls (which almost certainly came from the Bois des Garennes quarry) served to protect the washerwomen from the weather. Access to the interior is via a small flight of steps that leads to two large pools - one for washing and one for rinsing - lined with stone washing tiles. The structure is supported by large wooden posts that rest on the edge of the ponds.



... Built thanks to the Law of February 3, 1851

This law was introduced as part of the theories on health and hygiene that were prevalent in the eighteenth century, and to tackle concerns about industrial pollution and disease. It provided for substantial grants for building wash houses, whereas previously laundry was often washed next to a river without any form of shelter. The masonry work, carpentry and pipes were paid for by the state at a rate of 30%, and the construction was controlled by the municipality under the supervision of the departmental administration. The Côte Duché wash house was built in 1876 and restored in 1988 and again in 1992.





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