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Porche de l’ancien château

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Revenir dans la rue du Vexin. Prendre à gauche, laisser le parking sur la droite. A l’intersection suivante, prendre à droite, puis après quelques mètres, bifurquer sur le chemin à droite.

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Lavoir de la Côte-Duché

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Porch of the Old Château
Well-restored ruins



Architecture in the classic style...

This portal and the pedestrian gate to the left are a very fine example of classic architecture. The ensemble is made of beautiful dressed and cut limestone. A slightly curved arc highlights the wooden porch with double doors, which is framed by two pilasters to which volutes are appended. The whole is capped by a moulded triangular pediment decorated with three flame finials. The arched pedestrian gate is emphasised by horizontal bands and a projecting keystone.



... that recalls the château of the Lainville seigneurs

Lainville was part of the forest of Arthies in the Middle Ages. It became a stronghold of the earldom of Meulan in 725 when Charles Martel gave the village to Witram (the first earl of Meulan). In 1204, under Philippe Auguste, the earldom incorporated the royal domain and Lainville became a royal possession. The seigneurs did not live in Lainville before the seventeenth century. The first château was built by Charles de Boves in 1618, and this imposing gate is all that remains. The seigneurie then passed to the Senneterre family followed by the Crussols. The last seigneur of Lainville, Charles Emmanuel de Crussol, emigrated on the French Revolution. His château was destroyed in 1794 and his assets sold as national property. At the end of the eighteenth century a large farmhouse with an enclosed courtyard was built on this spot.





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