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Croix et manoir des Bruyères

Informations directionnelles

Sur votre droite, admirez la croix (cachée derrière les arbustes). Quand vous êtes face au manoir, prendre sur la gauche, dans le rue du Vexin. Emprunter la 1ère à gauche. Vous apercervez au bout de l’impasse Crussol, le porche de l’ancien château.

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Porche de l’ancien château

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Bruyères Cross and Mansion
Two important architectural features in the hamlet of Bruyères



A cross that punctuates local life...

This cross is located at the intersection of two roads between the hamlets of Bruyères and Guillaumette. Its purpose was to delineate the municipality and protect passers-by in accordance with the saying: ‘May God bless you as you arrive and leave.’



... And a manor house with several famous former residents

This beautiful house dating from the nineteenth century, known as the Manoir or Château des Bruyères, was built in troubadour style. Its architecture combines elements from the Middle Ages: the tower, the mullioned windows, the mouldings framing the apertures, the pediment dormer and horizontal band with corbels above the second floor. The mansion’s residents have included the French writer and director Raoul André (1916-1992), a key figure in the ‘post-war’ genre, and his wife Louise Carletti (1922-2002), a film star from the early 1940s who played dramatic and comic parts.





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