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Croix du cimetière

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En repartant de l’église, prendre à gauche, rue aux cânes. A l’intersection, aller jusqu’à la croix.

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Croix de la renoncière

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Cemetery Cross
Marking the spot of the old cemetery



A cross with an unusual design...

This cross marks the site of the old cemetery on the edge of the church. The cross’s design is unusual for the Vexin Français region. It is made of stone and consists of an octagonal base decorated with two mouldings and surmounted by a tall hexagonal shaft. A Madonna and Child is engraved in low relief at the intersection of the two arms of the cross. The end of the shaft is decorated with four crockets. The cross was listed as a historic monument in 1944, together with the church, due to its exceptional features. It is in good condition as a result of successive restoration campaigns, including by the Friends of Lainville-en-Vexin.



... that symbolises divine protection for the dead

It was once the custom for the dead to be buried as close as possible to a sacred space: the church. To take advantage of this protection, the cemetery was located around the church in an enclosed space. The high retaining wall here clearly marks out the site, which can be accessed by two staircases. A second cemetery was founded in the nineteenth century to the southwest of the village, following the Royal Decree of December 6, 1843, which required rural villages to move their cemeteries for reasons of public safety. The oldest tombs and funerary chapels remained in the original cemetery.





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