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Lavoir du Marais

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Repartir face au lavoir, traverser la rue du Marais et gravir les marches qui se trouvent au niveau du 38 bis. Au bout de la rue des Grès, descendre à droite puis remonter à gauche la route d’Apremont. On longe un terrain de basket ; prendre le premier chemin à droite -chemin du Clos Renard. Une table de lecture (7) doit vous aider à découvrir le paysage.

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Panorama sur la ville de Juziers

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Lavoir du Marais
The locals used to wash their clothes in the Lavoir du Marais - the ‘Marsh Wash House’ while chatting away about everything and nothing...



One of five wash houses in Juziers ...

The importance of water in Juziers is reflected in the names of various streets and neighbourhoods, such as Brooks, the Fountain, the Drains, Cistern and Marsh. It was thanks to water that laundries could be built in the early nineteenth century, bringing real progress to the hamlets. The wash houses were usually covered to provide shelter for the washerwomen. In the case of the Lavoir du Marais, the stone bench for putting the washing on can be seen at the tip of the pool, and a recess at the back was used to uncover the source.
A restoration campaign was carried out on all the wash houses in 1999. Some, however, have disappeared, including the Bourg wash house, during the connection to the mains drainage prior to 1950, and the Poste, where only the edge remains, before 1972.



... That once echoed to the laughter of the women of Juziers

After boiling the washing in the large washers in their small laundry rooms, the housewives would come to the wash house to rinse the laundry. They would spend much of the morning kneeling on wooden crates, laughing and chatting, as they used all their strength to strike the washing with a beater to remove the water.





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