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Hôtel de la Gare

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Prendre la rue qui monte, à gauche, pour se rendre à la mairie (5).

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Hôtel de la Gare
The Hôtel de la Gare - the Station Hotel - used to receive flocks of Parisians arriving by train



From the old hôtel de la gare...

The Paris-Mantes railway line on the left bank of the Seine was so heavily used that it was decided to build a track on the right bank. Plans were submitted in 1872 at the request of the Seine-et-Oise General Council, and the final route (1874) required 683 compulsory purchase orders in Juziers alone. The arrival of the railway in 1892 contributed to the development of the area around the station, with the use of millstone - widespread in Paris at the time - growing in popularity.
The Hôtel de la Gare, built in 1905, reflects this architectural trend. The hotel catered for passengers in transit and, with a ballroom and function room to the rear, it was also used for family events. According to the Didot-Bottin tour guide published in 1937, Juziers boasted twelve inns and a good thirty drinking establishments. During World War II, the hotel’s ballroom was used to teach children, as numbers rose with the arrival of refugees.



... to the Rose Bily library and painter’s studio

The hotel was acquired by the municipality in 1998, when it was renamed the Pavillon Paul Doucet after the mayor of Juziers from 1947 to 1971. The building, which is owned by the council, has been completely renovated to make way for the municipal Bily Rose library (named after a benefactor) and a studio for painters.





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