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Mémorial du Docteur Gaudichard

Informations directionnelles

Sortir de cimetière, prendre à droite, passer devant la Mairie et prendre la route à droite (chemin du village). Passer devant le Domaine de Boileau.

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Domaine de Boileau

Prochain point : lat="49.0839853802758" lon="1.65609478019189"

The Doctor Gaudichard Memorial
This funerary monument, from the first half of the 20th century, was erected in memory of Doctor Gaudichard.

An influential person in village heritage conservation...

Doctor Gaudichard (1879-1955), an amateur archeologist, discovered Haute-Isle in the 1930s. He worked to conserve the village's historical and archeological wealth.
He wrote a work entitled “A small marvel on the doorstep of Paris: Haute-Isle, the caves and cavernes of the Dovecote” presented at the conference of the archeological, historical and scientific society “Les Amis du Mantois” (The Friends of Mantois) (Gaudichard, Imp. F. Carbonnel, Paris, 1932).

… honoured by  Les Amis du Mantois

This monument, which looks like a relic from the early middle ages, was built in stone and brick and is made up of an assembly of rubble stones forming three arches, two curved and the other angular. A reproduction of Michelangelo's The Thinker, created to decorate the tomb of Lorenzo D’Medici in Florence, was also erected on a column. On the back are the names of the members of the “Amis de Haute-Isle” (Friends of Haute-Isle). 
The latin epitaph reminds us:
To this worthy and secret place,
He gave his whole,
Heart and mind.
The sculpted motifs are inspired by Carolingian, Romain and Greek coins.



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