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Lavoir des Maurois

Informations directionnelles

Faire demi-tour, laisser le camping, puis continuer jusqu’à la prochaine intersection. Prendre à droite. Continuer tout droit pendant environ 1 km. Vous rentrez dans le bois d’Epiais. A la prochaine intersection, prendre à gauche. Continuer sur 500 mètres puis prendre à gauche. Continuer tout droit en longeant le bois d’un côté et les pâtures d’un autre côté jusqu’à la ferme de Berval. Prendre à gauche, la route bitumée. Continuer tout droit pendant environ 1.4 km. Prendre à droite rue de l’Isle, puis à gauche rue du général de Gaulle. Une partie des anciennes carrières se trouvait sur la place du soleil levant.

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Carrières de gypse

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The Maurois washing place



Water: a rare commodity...

In the 19th century, Grisy-les-Plâtres had three local washing places, where women met on a set day. Lots of springs gushed in the village, making small waterways. Undrinkable due to the layers of gypsum that they crossed, they flowed towards the Berval valley where they joined up and flowed into the Sausseron. The postcard opposite shows Butel's washing place situated in the hamlet of the same name.



…An isolated washing place

The Maurois washing place is the last public washing places still visible in the village. Built at the beginning of the 19th century, it is situated further away, in the middle of the woods. The zinc roof is impluvium designed, the four slopes make the rainwater pour into the large, single, rectangular basin. The basin can be reached by a few steps. Three high walls and a low wall delimit the laundry area, protecting the washerwomen. Rectangular wooden posts, mounted on large blocks, support the framework and prevent humidity from rising. On the sides, it is still possible to see the series of washing boards, with the stones inclined towards the basin. The use of the wood for the cladding walls in the recent restoration programme shows the desire for more contemporary architecture in the French Vexin area.





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