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Ferme de Gérocourt

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The Gérocourt farm called Rolland
A bigfarm



A very big Vexin farm…

Located north of the hamlet, the big farm of Gérocourt is particularly massive. Already present on the 1819 land register, itwas probably erected during the 18th century, but kept on being extended along the years. As traditionally so in the Vexin, the buildings are organized around a big rectangularcourtyard and stay rather shut on the street side. Probably because of the big size of the farm, some buildings can be found beyond the courtyard. Both working place and living place for the owners, the big farm gathers barns, storage buildings, stables, pigsties, cowsheds anda mansion.



… modernized at the end of the 19th century

The Gérocourt farm was probably partially rebuilt and expanded in 1862 : the date and initials of the owner, Mr Rousselle, are actually indicated on the stables’ gables. Beside growing cereal, Mr Rousselle focused on the production and transformation of beetroot into alcoholthanks to thedistilleryhe set up directly on the farm. This building and its great big chimney, so characteristic, were unfortunately destroyed in 1990. However, the farm still has a big barn, slightlyset back from the courtyard, with quite a surprisingstructure. It’s made from long wooden trusses supported by median arches of several layers of wooden ribs put together. This complex technique was invented by colonel Armand-Rose Emy, author of a treaty of timber roof truss. He used it for the first time in 1825 during the construction of the ‘Marrac manège’ in Bayonne. This carpentry technique is quite rare in the Vexin, and in France generally speaking.

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