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Maison seigneuriale

Informations directionnelles

A la fourche, emprunter à gauche la rue des Morvilliers. Prendre à droite l’impasse des Morvilliers et poursuivre sur le chemin jusqu’à la table de lecture du paysage.

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Former Seigneurial house
Place of residence of the Seigneur of Génicourt



An Ancien Regime abode …

Mentioned in the 16th century archives, the farm at 2 place de la Libération, sometimes called the ‘château’ was the former Seigneurial house of Génicourt. It belonged, out of others, in the 17th century to Nicolas de Sillery, counselof King of France Henri IV, Seigneur of Marines but also of Génicourt, which explains he stayed several times in this abode. In the 17th century, the Sillery family sold the house, which from then on belonged to different owners, aristocrats or bourgeoisbefore and after the French Revolution. It was only in1833 that the house was bought for the first time by a farmer: M. Etienne. Through inheritance it came to be in the possession of Martin-Auguste Durand, whose grandson, mayor of Génicourt in the years 1910 sand 1920s, did lots of modifications and works on the house, giving it its present aspect.



…and a farm

The present farm is structured around a squared courtyard surrounded by buildings and walls.The manor house in coated rubble and covered with slate opens up on the street and ends with a barn, while the barns and stables were erected at a right angle.Most of the buildings date back to the second half of the 19th century, and probably to the construction works of M. Durand. A clock on one of the buildings at the start of the 19th century was the meeting place for the agricultural workers to whom the boss would give his orders for the day. Around the farm are quite a few interesting buildings with the church, but also a60 m-deep wellthat would supply Génicourt with the only drinkable water. A building for the well, built in-between the two wars, with typical mouldings,is actually still visible at the street corner. Besides, another big seigneurial farm is on the other side of the street, at n° 1 place de la Libération.

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