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Descendre la D147 sur environ 250 mètres, prendre à droite la rue en tête d’épingle. Prendre le premier chemin à gauche. A l’intersection suivante, prendre à gauche. Continuer tout droit jusqu’à la table de lecture des paysages.

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Vieux moulin
Water powering various different industries



Two mills in the same spot...

In the 19th century, Genainville boasted at least four mills, two of them in Vieux Moulin. The oldest, which appears on the 1819 land registry map, was a flour mill and the other a paper mill, built around 1835 and operational until at least 1872. At the end of the century the only mills left in operation were those that had been renovated to make them more competitive and multi-purpose. This meant that in 1893, Mister Crédo was able to transfer his Montreuil-sur-Epte factory to Vieux Moulin, Genainville. Around 30 workers were employed in the production of corkscrews, nail files, shoe horns and other metal objects. The factory closed in 1947.



...Among other mills

Two other mills were built in succession further up along the Genainville stream: the Moulin du Pré and the Petit-Moulin. The Moulin du Pré was located in the centre of the village. It appears in the records as early as the 12th century. In those days it was the communal mill belonging first to to Jumièges Abbey and then to the Carthusian order. The mill is notably absent from a royal decree in 1771, left to abandon, it was demolished. At the beginning of the French revolution it was replaced by the Moulin de la Ville, also a flour mill, which was in its turn destroyed during the Second World War. Powered by a millrace, the Petit-Moulin is located upstream of the pond. It ceased operations around 1900, a victim of the early 20th century rural exodus, having employed 14 people at the height of its activity.





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