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Moulin du Metz

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Longer la Montcient jusqu’au moulin des marais, lieu de tournage de films tels que la soif de l’or.

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Film "La Soif de l'or"

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The Metz Mill
One of the commune's two mills, fed by the River Montcient



An ancient watermill...

This mill is mentioned for the first time in a deed of sale dated 1583. It has had several owners over the centuries. The last miller in Montcient, Mr Pelletier, retired in 1968, after 34 years on the job. The licence was taken up by the company Grands Moulins de Paris, and then a joiner's business rented the buildings. The mill was converted for use as a residential property in 1979. The mill operates by means of water from the River Montcient, diverted through a mill race, which then turns the paddles on the water wheel. The water flows on to the top of the water wheel and then falls a distance of five metres, causing the wheel to turn. At one time, the mill had three wheels. The first, which was soon removed, was outside the mill. In the nineteenth century, the installation of two wheels meant that two mills could operate side by side. The two were joined together around 1900. On the 17th of May 1911, a fire broke out, partially destroying the mill.



...that served several purposes.

In similar fashion to many mills in the Vexin region, this one was used to grind grain (wheat, barley and rye) to make flour. In the early twentieth century, a powder made from pyrethrum was manufactured here. Also known as 'flea powder', it was incorporated into fabrics to protect them against mites. Maize was also ground here. The cornflour was used to make a paste from which a type of cardboard could be made that, in turn, was used in manufacture of dolls and other toys. Although these manufacturing activities ceased during the second half of the twentieth century, the wheel still turns and has been connected to an alternator since 1977, allowing electricity to be generated for hot water and heating.





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