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Informations directionnelles

Traverser la rue de la montcient, passer à droite de l’église, puis, la contourner. Prendre à droite dans la rue du jour. Faire attention à la circulation. Faire 200 mètres environ et emprunter le sentier des mulets à droite. Descendre jusqu’au Moulin du Metz.

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Moulin du Metz

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The former Town Hall and School
Institutions of daily life



Public buildings...

In 1790, when the municipality was constituted, the town hall and the school were housed together in the same building. In 1850, they were transferred to the 'Maison Rayer', which had been purchased by the commune. In 1851, the classrooms and meeting room were located on the ground floor, while the town hall and the teacher's accommodation were located on the upper floor. As the population grew between 1940 and 1970, additional classes were required. In light of the limited amount of space available, it was decided that the town hall should move into new premises, leaving the old building, with its newly fitted-out attic, for the sole use of the school. After work lasting 17 months, the new town hall opened on the Rue de la Montcient in December 1991. In September 2003, in view of the still constantly-growing population, a new school – the 'Quatre Vents' – opened at 17 Grande Rue.



... and a private school

The house at 4 Rue de la Montcient, with a little cross above the door and a bell protected by a bell tower, was once the old private school. Owned by the Vion family, it was run by the nuns of the religious order of Sainte-Marie de Torfou from 1884 until 1926. Founded in 1823, the order's mission was to care for the poor and the sick, and to raise young girls in the Christian Faith. In 1852, the order obtained the right to teach. In 1899, the private elementary school was reserved for girls only; boys had to go to the public school. However, in light of the growing population, boys began to be admitted to the elementary school in 1916. The school closed in 1926.





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