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The Castel
A building overlooking the rest of the village



Many times remodelled...

Enclosed behind long walls in the middle of a huge park, the current château stands on the site of an old manor house of which virtually no trace remains today. The property belonged to the Cléry family and then to the Maussions before being purchased by Count Vitali in 1855. The current buildings, which have undergone frequent bouts of remodelling, date from the eighteenth century (west wing) and the early nineteenth century for the avant-corps.



...but classical architecture

The layout of the château is rectangular in shape with one avant-corps to the north and another to the south, the latter featuring a corner turret. The ensemble is two storeys high, its habitable attics protected by a slate mansard roof. The turret features a pepper pot roof. Most of the building materials used were sourced locally, notably the cut stone and the rendered limestone. The many openings (tall arched or rectangular windows set at regular intervals) give the building its classical appearance. The outhouses and former farm buildings, which are visible from the road, are just a few metres away and are laid out in an L-shape. It is difficult, at the present time, to find a new use for the whole ensemble and the cost of maintaining these buildings is considerable, which may explain why some parts are in poor condition.





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