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Continuer dans la rue du Bout sirop. Arrivé à la croix, prendre à gauche. Longer le terrain de tennis. Au bout du chemin, tourner à droite et tout de suite à gauche, puis à droite dans un chemin qui mène à la table de lecture du paysage.

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The Farm Gate
One of the many signs of farming activity in the Vexin



An ancient gate...

This gate is a fine example of rural architecture in the French Vexin. Set slightly back from the road to facilitate carriage manoeuvres and at the end of a limestone wall, a wooden carriage door and a pedestrian door are topped by an arch with protruding courses. The keystone arch in cut stone bears the engraving '1792'. The ensemble is protected by a small gable roof with old flat tiles.



...bears witness to the village's agricultural nature

The gate indicates the existence of an ancient village farm, typical of the French Vexin region. The many little farms in the villages form the structure of the public spaces. They can be recognised by their buildings, one serving as a dwelling and the other used to store commodities. Here, the plot has an unusual layout: the buildings have been built on either side of the carriage door. The two large guard stones alongside the door, known as 'chasse-roues' in French, which means 'wheel-chaser', protect the walls from being damaged by carriage wheels. A ring can still be seen embedded in the wall above the guard stone on the left. It was used to tether animals, especially horses, before setting off to work in the fields.





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