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Fontaine Saint-Clair

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Revenir sur le chemin et tourner à droite, puis continuer tout droit. Au carrefour en forme de fourche, bifurquer à gauche. Plus loin, laisser un chemin sur la droite et continuer tout droit. Au carrefour suivant, continuer tout droit. A l’intersection suivante prendre à gauche. Passer un étang sur la gauche. Au premier carrefour, continuer tout droit sur 180 mètres, puis tourner à gauche vers la ferme de la Grüe.

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Ferme de la Grüe

Prochain point : lat="49.065262" lon="1.860402"

The Saint-Clair Fountain and Pond
A miraculous fountain located away from the village



In the woods...

Fountains are often embellished only with a simple cross or a niche for a statue of the saint. The fountain in the Galluis Wood, however, is particularly intricate. Standing protectively above the spring, the stone construction comprises two little walls with mouldings and capitals. The currently empty niche where the statue of Saint-Clair should be features an equilateral arch and is topped by a cross mounted on a cubic pedestal. Replacing an older fountain, this little monument dates from the nineteenth century. Slightly below it, there is a small pond.



...a place of pilgrimage and healing

Worship connected to this site may date back well into the distant past. The Catholic Church Christianised the site following the local people's resistance to its attempts to forbid worship here. The worship of water perdured in the countryside until the late nineteenth century. This fountain is dedicated to Saint-Clair, a cephalophore (a head-carrying saint) who crossed the Vexin region curing people of eye diseases. The fountain's reputation was widely-known and people travelled considerable distances to come here in the hope of regaining or improving their sight. A pilgrimage took place every 16th of July, during which a huge fire was lit; the pilgrims would then rub their eyes with the ashes. At the fountain, people would drink the healing water and sprinkle some over themselves or even immerse themselves in it.





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