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Descendre à gauche la rue des carrières sur 700 m jusqu’à la champignonnière.

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The Château
A vast estate that has been preserved over time



A manor house...

The original Evecquemont Estate was formed in 1629 by Charles Desmé de la Chesnaye, first valet to Louis XIII and governor of Meulan. It comprised the farm with a dovecote, the manor house belonging to his father Jacques, from the 'house of Bourdin', gardens, farmland and vineyards. The manor house (consisting of a main building, with T-shaped outhouse set out around a large paved courtyard, destroyed sometime around 1750) stood below the farm. Fields, pastures, gardens and woods formed a vast enclosed estate covering some 14 hectares and with a huge vegetable garden on the southern side.



...Doubling as a château

The 'house of Bourdin' was built around 1635 by Louise de Taverny (widow of Desmé de La Chesnaye), deputy governess to the future Louis XIV. In 1643, the estate comprised a terrace overlooking the vineyards, a main building and two T-shaped wings serving as outhouses, with a large courtyard in the centre. It was connected to the manor and the farm by an alleyway of lime trees, leading down to the semi-circular gate on the Rue D'Adhémar, opposite the house of Bourdin. In 1726, the structure was modified and the slate roof was raised to allow for a second storey and an attic. The house of Bourdin would be referred to as a château from 1782 onwards. The Countess of Adhémar would stay there during the Revolution and the French Empire. In 1876, the outhouses were destroyed a three-storey wing was built at the north-east corner of the main building and the park was enlarged. Sometime around 1960, the owner, Dr Roux-Delimal, founder of the Evecquemont Cardiology Clinic, added a pointed structure topped with a pinnacle to the wing, a double spiral staircase in the courtyard, two new windows on the south façade and two balconies.





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