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Informations directionnelles

S’engager à droite rue de Louville puis suivre le chemin du Clos Michaux pour revenir dans le centre d’Ennery. Après quelques mètres sur la rue du Perreux, tourner à droite dans la rue du Moutier. Remonter l’allée de tilleuls jusqu’à la grille du château. .

Prochain point : Château d’Ennery

Prochain point : Lat. 49.07643, Long. 2.10543

The pond
Source of artistic inspiration



A water place …

Ennery is not crossed by any streams. Before running water arrived in the village, the inhabitants had to count on the wells and tanks present in the town and around. Ponds therefore played an important role by enabling the animals to drink and cool themselves. The 1813 land register reveals the existence of at least four old ponds in the village. The present small pond shows modern masonry but already appeared on the 1813 land register at the heart of the Louville hamlet. At the time, there was still a distinction in the building network between Louville and the bourg of Ennery, but today the distinction between the hamlet and the village is not discernible anymore.



… and a source for artistic inspiration

Another pond, now filled up, appears on the land register of 1813 under the name ‘Mare Tuppin’, at the crossroads of the rue de la Mare and the rue de la Croix. It was immortalized by the painter Camille Pissarro (1830-1903) around 1874. Born on the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, Pissarro moved to Paris in 1855. He did live in Pontoise during quite an important period of time in the 1860’s and 1870’s, not far from other artists settled in Auvers-sur-Oise. Within the Impressionist art movement, Pissarro mainly depicted sceneries he painted outdoor, paying attention to the colours and lights. Ennery was an inspiration for several paintings, with subjects such as picturesque villagers a few steps away from his house in l’Hermitage. The painting La Mare à Ennery (A pond in Ennery) is now on display in the United States. Pissarro also did a painting called La Route d’Ennery à l’Hermitage (The route from Ennery to the Hermitage) which is part of the Musée d’Orsay’s collections in Paris.

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