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Anciens corps de ferme

Informations directionnelles

Prendre à gauche la rue du Perreux puis obliquer rue Georges Lourdel jusqu’à la mare. .

Prochain point : Mare.

Prochain point : Lat. 49.07815, Long. 2.09917

Old farmyard buildings
Typical of French Vexin



Old farmyard buildings …

The Ennery territory has been a good environment for farmland since the Middle Ages. Cereals were grown on the plateau while the hillsides of the Oise valley allowed growing vine. The heart of the Ennery village is therefore punctuated with rural houses and farms. Under the Ancien Régime and in the 19th century, a few big farms would single out such as the castle farm or the farm of the Hôtel-Dieu but the property stayed divided with lots of small cultivation. The rue du Perreux gives evidence of this with several old farmyard buildings, for instance at number 14, 15, 22 or even 32. At number 3 rue du Perreux, the archives confirm the presence of a tithe barn as soon as 1529: it was used to collect the tax due to the clergy tithe often collected in nature from the farmers.



… typical from the Vexin architecture

These old farmyard buildings give the rue du Perreux the typical appearance of the Vexin villages. Farms and rural houses are built with coated rubble limestones, with the walls or gables aligned on the street. This gives quite a mineral atmosphere. The farm gathers several technical and home buildings around a big rectangular courtyard. The openings focus more on the courtyard than on the street, to the exception of big carriage doors allowing vehicles inside the courtyard. If certain farms have today been restored, transformed into housing, or the original coatings have disappeared with time, the rue du Perreux knows however how to preserve the atmosphere of a Vexin village centre.

by Expression Nomade