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Centre France Télécom

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Former centre for telecommunication
France Télécom Centre



The Pontoise wireless centre …

The town of Ennery used to host in the 1930’s an important radioelectric centre dedicated to telephone and telegraph communications. Implementing these type of centres which were managed by the “Postes, télégraphes et téléphones” (PTT), at the time France Télécom on the French territory, enabled to massively broaden communications via radio waves. The Ennery centre was strategic within this telecommunication system as it was one of the two main metropolitan emission centres with the one in Sainte-Assise in Seine-et-Marne. It was appointed in particular to international communications, mostly the colonies, and thus nicknamed “Radio-Coloniale” until the end of the Second World War when it was then called “TSF Pontoise.”



… heart of the radio telecommunications

Now fallen into disuse, the France Télécom centre was at the time equipped with two emitting buildings surrounded by several hectares of radio antennas enabling message transmission. The transmitters had to be permanently cooled down by powerful blowers. Each radio frequency was appointed to a type of communication and allowed numerous telephone and telegraph connections. The employees lived in situ and made sure to ensure shifts for a 24/7 service. However, the centre’s activity went down during the decolonisation, especially when the Maghreb countries became independent. The breakthrough of satellite telecommunications in the early 1960’s caused more difficulties and the centre was definitely closed.

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