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Statue Notre Dame des trois Clochers - Rue du Moutiers

Informations directionnelles

Du parking de la salle polyvalente, revenir sur la rue du Moutier et l’emprunter sur la droite jusqu’à la statue de Notre-Dame des trois clochers. Emprunter à droite le chemin d’une ruelle à l’autre, passer le stade de football et continuer tout droit. Au bout de la rue, tourner à gauche jusqu’au panneau de la Croix du reposoir .

Prochain point : Croix du reposoir

Prochain point : lat : 49.07705 long : 2.11298

Our Lady of the Three bell towers
A religious statue rooted in the area



A Madonna and Child …

This statue represents the Virgin Mary wearing a long dress, with a halo on her head. She carries in her arms Baby Jesus also bearing a halo, arms open, in an act of greeting and blessing. This artwork, with modern and pure shapes comes within the scope of the long tradition of representing Madonnas with Child which has been evolving itself since the Middle Ages, may that be within scholar arts or within folk art. These representations show the importance of the cult of the Virgin Mary within the Catholic liturgy: although she is not mentioned that much in the Bible, the Virgin Mary has been at the centre of an important devotion and is very frequently being represented in Christian arts.



… referring to the churches nearby

This statue bears the name of Notre-Dame des Trois Clochers (Our Lady of the Three Bell Towers). You can see in this dedication a reference to the nearby bell towers. Their specificity is that they sum up quite well the religious architecture of the French Vexin. The closest is that of Ennery, a bell tower adorned with a stone spire, erected in the 12th century in the Romanesque style. Further away, the tower bell of Hérouville was erected in a gothic style, as many of the Vexin spires. Last, in Livilliers, the church is covered with a very sharp bell tower covered with slates, rebuilt in the 19th century. Are therefore gathered within a 3-km-radius the main architectural features of the French Vexin bell towers.

by Expression Nomade