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Anciens commerces (débits de vin, hotel, épicerie, mercerie…)

Informations directionnelles

Sur la droite se trouve la ferme de la Tour. Laisser la ferme sur votre droite et continuer sur la D142 jusqu’à la Croix de mission.

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Prochain point : lat="49.087664" lon="1.8719"

Diverse commercial activities
The dynamic economy of the village



Traditional businesses...

Before cars became common, villages had numerous local businesses and craftspeople. In the 19th century Arme Square, now known as Libération Square, saw much of this economic activity. Various businesses were located there, including the Cheval blanc hotel/restaurant, a tailor, a painter-glazer and a wine bar, the facade of which still bears traces of painted signs. This establishment was by turns a hotel, grocery store, haberdashery, wine and spirits bar and café. There is a small circular opening, or œil-de-bœuf, in the pediment gable. In the rear, there is a small, walled garden. Visible on the 1819 land registry map, this building dates back to the end of the 18th century, or the beginning of the 19th century.



…and great agricultural activity

Numerous professions associated with agriculture have now disappeared, such as the cartwright, saddler, farrier and blacksmith. Agriculture is still a major activity in Chaussy. While the sector does not employ as many people as in the past, a great deal of land is still used for agricultural purposes. In 2017, field crops occupied a total surface area of around 855 hectares. Livestock farming, now rare in Vexin français, continues, with three farms and a total of 450 dairy cows and around one hundred sheep.





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