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Remonter la rue des Mollettes jusqu’à l’ancien moulin des carreaux.

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Les moulins

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A village on water

A village in the bottom of a valley



Water works…

Chaussy commune has numerous water sources and fountains. The oldest and most well-known is Saint-Ansbert fountain, also know as the Grande Fontaine. It is located in Charles de Gaulle square, on the site of the old cemetery, which was moved in 1871. This fountain/drinking trough is carved out of a single block of stone, with the inscription “1864” engraved on its semi-circular back-board. It is sometimes confused with the Dours fountain, which is reputed to cure demon possession, a gift attributed to Saint Ansbert, archbishop of Rouen, born in Chaussy in 629.
In 1897, water pipes were built to supply Bas de Chaussy, and public taps were installed, including the fontaine de la Croix Bouquet and the fontaine des Tilleuls in Libération Square. Previously, the inhabitants of this part of the village, which is situated downstream, used stream water which had already served various uses.



…for access to drinking water

Work on supplying the entire commune with drinking water began in 1929. The project consisted of capturing the water source called la fontaine des Dours, in the Marais locality, and raising the water with a pump. This network of 3 km of piping was designed to supply the public taps as well as private homes. The water supply came from a range of sources originating from the same ground water and from the springs of a geological reservoir at a higher altitude. Work on the network was completed in 1933. Drinking water now comes from the Boucagny well, established in 1960.





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