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Remonter la rue de Welwyn, continuer toujours tout droit. Laisser l’entrée du parc municipal sur la droite et prendre le chemin tout droit sur environ 150 mètres. Emprunter le 1er chemin à gauche, chemin des carrières et continuer tout droit jusqu’au panneau.

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Supplied by abundant water sources



From 7 public wash-houses…h1>

Plentiful springs supplied water to the public and private wash-houses, scattered throughout Champagne-sur-Oise. Two were located in the hamlet of Vaux, in the place named “La médisance” and in Ruelle à Four. Wash-houses were female spaces, where women met and chatted as they washed and rinsed the laundry, armed with the typical Marseille soap, fibre scrubbing brushes and wooden washboards.



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This wash-house on Rue de Welwyn sits on the site of an old fountain. A drinking trough was added in 1901 on a farmer’s request. The wash-house is surrounded by a low wall. The entrance upstream access is up a short flight of steps, and step-free downstream. The building is closed on two sides and has a lean-to roof supported by large wooden beams and covered with flat tiles. The single basin is edged with washing stones on two sides. The trough forms the third side and has been repurposed as a planter.
The most important wash-house in the social life of the village is in Rue de Chambly. It was built in 1874 and extended in 1902. The third example dates from 1889 and sits at the corner of Rue de l'Hôtel-Dieu and Rue des Martyrs. It has a drinking trough, a tub for bathing horses and an emergency water supply for fire.

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