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Ancien château et son potager avec ses platanes

Informations directionnelles

Prendre les petits chemins dans le parc municipal pour rejoindre la route goudronnée. Prendre à droite et continuer jusqu’au croisement avec la rue Welwyn où se trouve un lavoir.

Prochain point : Lavoir

Prochain point : lat="49.13722" lon="2.23644"

The Park
Once part of the castle grounds



Where a castle once stood…

The caretaker’s lodge is all that remains of the old Château de Montigny. Dating back to the 18th century, the lodge still stands near Place de Montigny and the gate into the park. Rectangular in shape, the building has two storeys and a loft space, as well as an extension positioned at an angle to the south. Three projecting watch turrets stand proud on the façade topped by a conical roof, in a symmetrical design that was typical of classical architectural style. From 1826 to 1830, the castle was home to General Jean-Baptiste Juvénal Corbineau (1776-1848), Mayor of the commune, with his family and domestic staff. The illustrious officer came to prominence in the Grande Armée, the field army commanded by Napoleon Bonaparte. General Corbineau was promoted to serve as aide de camp to Emperor Napoleon I from 1813 and made a Count of the Empire. You can still see the gravestones marking where Count Corbineau and his wife were buried to the west of the church.
The castle was burnt down by the defeated German army in 1944 and was never rebuilt.



…Stately plane trees

In 1971, the local authority purchased part of what was once the castle park for municipal gardens. The wrought iron entrance gate dates from the 18th century. Two magnificent plane trees fringe the pond. Their massive trunks are 5 to 6 metres in circumference and they stand 40 metres high.

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