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Lavoir du Pont Madame

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Lavoir du Pont Madame
One of two washhouses built on the Montcient



Washhouses that were needed...

In 1882, the town built this washhouse on the Montcient River. The same year, another washhouse was built on the same small river, which rises a few kilometres from here, in the town of Sailly. It then runs past the castle and under the road, before flowing into the Aubette de Meulan. It drove many mills in Brueil-en-Vexin, Oinville-sur-Moncient, Gaillon-sur-Moncient...
The place where the laundry was beaten can be seen from the parapet of la rue du Pont Madame. The lean to roof is covered with flat tiles. This washhouse has one stone wall, with two walls made of wood and bricks on either side, the result of recent restoration work. The entrance is through an open side facing the street. The top of the wall is slatted, closed by wooden beams. A centre beam and two side beams support the roof.



…by every housewife

The tradition in the past was for the mother to put together a wedding trousseau for her daughter. It had to contain a full set of embroidered linen. Households therefore had large quantities of laundry that the housewives would rinse at the washhouse.





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