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Château des Anciens Seigneurs

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Lavoir du Pont Madame

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Mansion of the former lords
Recognizable by its dovecot



The oldest...

This mansion, built in the late sixteenth - early seventeenth century is undoubtedly that of the former lords. The main façade is composed of a central body with two short wings that are set back with a lodge at each end. Originally, the kitchens were on the ground floor, the reception rooms were on the first floor and the bedrooms on the second. Surrounded by high walls, it is hidden by the service quarters at the front of the mansion. A monumental porch marks the former main entrance, topped by a pediment decorated with medallions, foliage and a lion’s head. Another remarkable archway covers the wooden staircase built at the time of Henri IV.
A dovecote dating from the seventeenth century is built onto the service quarters. This angular tower of is one of the main features of the estate. The right to build a dovecote was a privilege of the nobility, under the old regime, but besides its ostentatious function, the dovecot provided the owner with a regular supply of meat – as well as a popular fertilizer at the time: pigeon droppings.



… of the three châteaux of Brueil

Another château in a more modern style was built in the seventeenth century at 3, rue de la Chartre. It is easy to recognize by the watchtower, added to the façade in the nineteenth century. A third manor was built in the hamlet of La Chartre in the nineteenth century. Located on the Gargenville road, it is hidden by the greenery and the trees


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